Jan 172012

Tomorrow is a snow day.

There’s no snow.

People are making jokes about “Snowpocalipse!”

The grandparents called from Texas to see if we had enough supplies to make it through. Slow news day if the snow we’re not having is making CNN.

It made today interesting as well. School started two hours late because we had a bit of crusty snow the day before. There was talk of more snow on the way and the Wife was up all night looking out the window to see if it was coming but saw that it was doing nothing but melting.

After a slow morning we finally got to school. I went on about my day and not two hours later I get a call from the school – they’re closing two hours early – The Snow! The Snow!

To be fair, there were flakes coming down when I arrived but they had stopped by the time we left. Not only did the snow not return but the sun came blazing out.

I understand the extreme complexity and difficulty of predicting the weather accurately, not to mention the headache of transporting thousands of children safely, but seriously we can’t go running around like chickens with our heads cut off when there’s no snow.

The kids were home, excited by the prospect of no school tomorrow. The halls at school had been ringing with the shouts of, “There’s a 97% chance of 18 inches of snow!”

Snowpocalipse, indeed.

Word came through that school would be closed tomorrow.

And yet, there’s still no snow.

The wind was up. We went to bed.

The computer models showed 3 inches by 7:00am. I guess we’ll find out in the morning.

But for now, there is no snow.


It snowed.

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