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Like a pair of socks, a tie, or that bottle of cologne, a good Father’s Day gift can be given again and again. It is with that spirit in mind that I went over my Gift Guide from last year and thought, “Yeah, this all still works.” So don’t forget Dad on June 15 and read on.

Last year for Father’s Day I provided a handy quiz to help you figure out what kind of Dad you are. This year I’ve reprioritized my Dad categories because it seems a large portion of my readership identifies with the Geek Dad designation. Therefore, I’m making this the year of the Geek Dad. However, because I still fear the Manly Dad I’m throwing him a leather-clad bone and letting Outdoors Dad and Sporty Dad pick at the remains.

Geek Dad

Why is Dad so mad?” By the Board of Education
What? A song? Ah, this is not just any song. It’s a father/son geek anthem that explores the tortured life of a young boy who has to sneak over to his friend’s house to secretly watch the Star Wars prequels and special editions because he can’t understand why his father is so upset about Midi-chlorians and why it’s important that Greedo did not shoot first.


Would YOU dare?

The new Stephen King haunted amusement park mystery novel, Joyland, which is packaged like a classic hard boiled noir thriller. “Who dares enter the FUNHOUSE OF FEAR?”

Anything from ThinkGeek 
Seriously, just close your eyes and point at a random item in the catalog, which is conveniently divided into categories: Star Wars, Star Trek, Portal 2, Minecraft, Marvel, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Big Bang Theory.

Make Magazine will let him live out his vicarious fantasies about using a 3D Printer to make an underwater robot for Burning Man. It’s chock-full of the kind of projects that will fuel child-bonding wish-fulfillment for days at a time.

Manly Dad

Tools are always good for manly dads on Father’s Day and the best kind of tool is a Leatherman Super Tool-300 Multitool with a Sheath. Because: macho.


Real Corinthian leather

But when it comes to the Manly Dad really anything with leather in the name will work. English Leather cologne, The Leatherstocking Tales by James Fenimore Cooper. Perhaps just a big pile of leather. You never know when it might come in handy, or maybe he would just like to chew on it.

Outdoors Dad

If your Outdoors Dad is having trouble getting people to believe his story about the shark that almost bit his paddle board or his gnarly endo on that trip to Moab he needs a waterproof helmet-mounted action cam to capture all those extreme moments as he grabs life by the horns and does, something, with it…I don’t know, wrestle it to the ground, or something.

A Leatherman tool with a stout blade could come in handy here as well in case that trip to Moab results in a situation like Jame Franco in 127 Hours.

Sporty Dad

This can be a tricky one from a shopping standpoint because Sporty Dad just wants to watch the game and/or toss/dribble/pass/kick the ball with the kids. One would also assume that he is all set with the various balls and other gear necessary for any sport he might engage in. However, we need something so I propose matching father and son and/or daughter track suits. Nothing says sporty like leaving your house and going out in public in a track suit.

Whatever you get Dad this Father’s Day, whether it be macaroni art or that bottle of English Leather, you know he’ll appreciate it – as long as you let him sleep in, just a bit.

Have any Father’s Day gift suggestions? Leave a comment and let me know.

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