Nov 202013
Pride and Prejudice

My wife has been a big fan of 18th century British women novelists since she was knee high to a grasshopper. As I’ve said here before, while I was lounging around my room reading comic books she was reading Jane Eyre by candlelight. Because there was a blackout in the old Dutch farmhouse they were living [Read more…]

Jul 182012
The Lost Boy Scout

Note: specific press releases on the BSA web site reaffirming the discrimination policy were removed prior to the announcement in January 2013 that they were considering reversing the ban. The Boy Scouts have missed an opportunity. I’m not just referring to the fact that they have reaffirmed their policy of discrimination, thus violating at least [Read more…]

May 172012
Breastfeeding?! Whatever.

Like so many people this week I did a fairly significant double take when I passed a newsstand with Time magazine’s latest cover. I think we can all agree that Time is using shock value to push sales and will be patting itself on the back for years to come – or until the Internet [Read more…]

Feb 022012
Teacup Pigs!

My wife has a monkey on her back – and it’s a teacup pig! If you’re not familiar with the Teacup Pig, it’s an absolutely adorable little swine which, when first born, can fit into a teacup. While people have been breeding miniature pigs for years Pennywell Farm in Devon, England developed this particularly adorable breed and [Read more…]

Jan 252012
The Swear Jar

Caution: this post contains implied swears. My wife has a bit of a reputation. At work she’s known for her colorful language, especially in meetings when she gets to share it copiously with co-workers. There have been times when she’s let one slip in front of the kids but it hasn’t been too bad. Although [Read more…]