Jun 012014
The Waffle Iron

One of the earliest Uncle Roy Storiestm we told our kids was the story of Uncle Roy and the Waffle Iron. The in-laws had a tradition of Sunday breakfast and in keeping with that tradition every weekend we would mix up a batch of batter, break out the waffle iron and all have a nice [Read more…]

Jul 112012

A big part of getting used to a new baby is dealing with everything that comes out of it. A baby is like a cornucopia of effluent emitting a rainbow of different kinds of poop not to mention the vomit that starts small but quickly works its way up the gross scale – from simple [Read more…]

Jul 042012

I was my son’s age when I saw the bicentennial fireworks in Washington DC in 1976. At the time I thought they were the biggest fireworks spectacle I was likely to see. After all, a celebration like that only happens once every 100 years. Of course, I didn’t take into consideration 1970s pyrotechnic technology compared [Read more…]

May 172012
Breastfeeding?! Whatever.

Like so many people this week I did a fairly significant double take when I passed a newsstand with Time magazine’s latest cover. I think we can all agree that Time is using shock value to push sales and will be patting itself on the back for years to come – or until the Internet [Read more…]