Jun 202014
Book Dad on the Classics

As parents we live in an exciting time for the youth book market – especially if you market books for youth. Ever since Harry Potter became, well Harry Potter, and J.K. Rowling got that giant swimming pool of money everyone has been scrambling to find the next big thing. On one level it’s an amusing [Read more…]

Dec 012012
Anne of Green Gables - Parent Content Review

Title: Anne of Green Gables Summary: Elderly brother and sister Marilla and Mathew decide to adopt a boy to help them on their farm. What they get, in large part due to the stoic and kind-hearted Mathew, is a talkative and dramatic redheaded girl named Anne. The book follows Anne’s many adventures and misadventures growing [Read more…]

Feb 102012

Spoiler Alert: Good triumphs over evil, some people die, I name names. Anticipation can be a good thing. Especially when the object of your anticipation arrives and proves itself worth the wait. For the most part the Harry Potter novels delivered on their promise as those of us who jumped on the train when the [Read more…]

Jan 212012

Last night the Wife, who is looking for a different nickname by the way, was perusing the blog and commented that it was very book and story heavy. This is true but books and stories are very important to our family so it only makes sense. However, up until now there is one important source [Read more…]