Jul 052014
How We Found Bone

My kids continue to thwart my efforts to make them like the stuff that I like. Not to say I don’t like the stuff that they’ve come to enjoy, they just refuse to be little clones of me. For example, at their age I completely obsessed over Star Wars, and even though they have friends [Read more…]

May 102014
5 Great Graphic Novels For Kids

My last post about the Top 5 Graphic Novels For Kids got a terrific response and I got some good recommendations for titles I wasn’t aware of. It also stirred up the old grey cells and I went digging deeper into the kids’ bookshelves to find comics that once upon a time lovingly littered the [Read more…]

Mar 012013
Bone - Parent Content Review

Title: Bone Author: Jeff Smith Originally Published: As an independently published comic book from 1991 to 2004. Now available in a variety of anthologies. Throughout its run the series has won a giant stack of Eisner Awards (the comic book equivalent of the Oscars). Summary: The three bone cousins, Phoney, Smiley, and Fone (small white [Read more…]

Jan 012012
Was Herman Melville Stoned on Spermaceti?

Let’s get this started with an off-topic item. I include it only because my kids, who are big fans of the Bone comic book, are by extension, fascinated with Moby Dick. My son even went so far as to start reading it (at age 10). He didn’t get very far (18 pages!) and that’s ok, [Read more…]