Mar 302014
Top 5 Grown-up Kid Songs

I’m going to start this off by saying I’m sure Raffi is a very nice person and it’s very likely the Wiggles aren’t actually evil. But frankly – at times – main stream commercial children’s music can seem like a conspiracy to torture parents into regretting they had children. Fortunately the light at the end [Read more…]

Jan 252013
CD Review: KidQuake! by the Not-Its!

Children’s music these days presents an interesting challenge for musicians. How do you bring your musical sensibilities to a form that has typically been drawn with primary colors? When I say primary colors I’m thinking of simple melodies and lyrics that, in a way, talk down to kids. The wheels on the bus do indeed [Read more…]

Dec 182012
Theater Review: Big Top Rock at Teatro ZinZanni

Big Top Rock at Teatro ZinZanni is back for its third series of performances in the elegant spiegeltent. If you’re not familiar with this fantastic show the ZinZanni Institute for Circus Arts (ZICA) and Seattle’s own Kindiependent music collectivehave brought together the magic of the circus with the excitement of live music. So far this [Read more…]

Jan 072012
Eclectic Dad Sets the Stage

There’s one thing I should establish early on, my wife, coming from a military family, was raised primarily in Scotland and other locations around Europe and the US. But mostly Scotland. Because of this she was raised without the benefit of American television. No Brady Bunch, no Love Boat, or going back even further, no [Read more…]