Aug 012014
Review: Cosmic Carnage in Guardians of the Galaxy

If you’re looking for a little air conditioning to help get through the dog days of August and your kids are fans of superhero mayhem, you should consider seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. As with most superhero movies these days there is plenty of carnage and implied death that earns the movie its PG-13 rating, [Read more…]

Jun 252014
Top 10 Fantasy and Science Fiction Books for Boys and Girls

By coincidence I’ve been making a great number of book recommendations for kids recently and have already received feedback that some of them have been quite successful. So, spurred on by this encouragement I’ve decided to share the recommendations in the hopes that needy parents and readers everywhere may benefit. For boys age 10 and [Read more…]

May 202014
Godzilla - Parent Content Review

Title: Godzilla Summary: Giant monsters stomp Japan, Hawaii, and San Francisco, awesomeness ensues. Oh, and there are some people too, who do some stuff. Appropriate for: Ages 12 and up The movie is rated PG-13 and considering the levels of peril and carnage this is definitely a movie for the older kids. Having said that, [Read more…]

May 102014
5 Great Graphic Novels For Kids

My last post about the Top 5 Graphic Novels For Kids got a terrific response and I got some good recommendations for titles I wasn’t aware of. It also stirred up the old grey cells and I went digging deeper into the kids’ bookshelves to find comics that once upon a time lovingly littered the [Read more…]