Feb 102013
Kids and the Oscars!

In the ongoing search for quality children’s entertainment it’s always helpful to have some kind of guide. Word of mouth and professional reviews are, of course, a standard but every year adults get a little crazy for a little fella we like to call Oscar! There is, of course, the glamour and pageantry of the [Read more…]

Nov 012012
The Future of Star Wars

On Tuesday, October 30th the Walt Disney Company paid George Lucas 4 Billion Dollars to purchase Lucasfilm Ltd. and they’re starting right away on the next Star Wars film, currently referred to as Episode VII, to be released in 2015. So that happened. Disney is a synonym for children’s content and they’ve been bringing some [Read more…]

Jul 012012
Movie Dad Reviews Brave

Princess movies have too much kissing. If you’re a nine-year-old girl who cares about things that are real – like fairies – you don’t care about frivolous and icky things like kissing, it’s just embarrassing. When watching a movie you care about important things like interesting characters, funny things happening, and good triumphing in the [Read more…]