Jul 252014
Top 10 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

The editor and writer Ben Bova once defined the difference between fantasy and science fiction this way, “Fantasy has trees, science fiction has rivets.” That’s a broad oversimplification but an essentially workable line in the sand to use as a definition. I point this out because as Merran and I went through NPR’s list she [Read more…]

Nov 052013
Ender's Game - Parent Content Review

Title: Ender’s Game Author: Orson Scott Card Originally Published: First as a short story in 1977 and then as a novel in 1985. The novel Ender’s Game was actually written after its sequel Speaker For the Dead. Awards: Nebula (1985) and Hugo (1986) Awards Summary: In the future humanity is at war with an alien [Read more…]

Aug 252013
Stranger in a Strange Land - Parent Content Review

Title: Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein Summary: Stranger in a Strange Land is a classic science fiction novel from 1961 about a child from the first (failed) expedition to Mars who is raised by Martians and brought back to Earth. As he learns about Earth and human culture he sets out [Read more…]