Apr 302014
Star Wars: The Important Question

UPDATE: In honor of the announcement this week of the official cast of Star Wars Episode VII we’re reprinting a classic piece about one of the most important questions any father has to answer. Oh, and in case you somehow missed it original cast members Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, [Read more…]

Mar 302014
Top 5 Grown-up Kid Songs

I’m going to start this off by saying I’m sure Raffi is a very nice person and it’s very likely the Wiggles aren’t actually evil. But frankly – at times – main stream commercial children’s music can seem like a conspiracy to torture parents into regretting they had children. Fortunately the light at the end [Read more…]

Nov 202013
Pride and Prejudice

My wife has been a big fan of 18th century British women novelists since she was knee high to a grasshopper. As I’ve said here before, while I was lounging around my room reading comic books she was reading Jane Eyre by candlelight. Because there was a blackout in the old Dutch farmhouse they were living [Read more…]

Nov 152013
Top Ten Hayao Miyazaki Films

After looking through this site for a little while you might well ask yourself, why all the Miyazaki? If you’re an anime fan, you might ask yourself, why all the Miyazaki? (Implying that there is a whole lot more available, and you would be right.) The answer to both is essentially the same – in [Read more…]

Jul 302013
Star Trek Into Darkness - Parent Content Review

Title: Star Trek Into Darkness Summary: Kirk and the crew battle a terrorist from a secret branch of Starfleet who turns out to be an old and formidable foe. Along the way they fight Klingons, each other, and an even more treacherous villainy that throws the whole affair into a moral gray area that speak [Read more…]