Feb 152013
Theater Review: War Horse

The First World War marked the advent of machinery to bring unprecedented death and destruction to the battlefield. It’s interesting how War Horse, playing at the Paramount through February 24, uses the machinery of stagecraft and miraculous puppetry to bring the powerful emotions of that horror to the stage. War Horse is based on the [Read more…]

Jan 152013
Theater Review: La Cenerentola (Cinderella) at Seattle Opera

The Seattle Opera is presenting Rossini’s La Cenerentola in six more performances through January 26. Even though its Italian title translates literally into The Cinderella I’m going to continue to refer to it as La Cenerentola because this is not the Cinderella that American audiences are familiar with. The bones are there; the lonely and [Read more…]

Dec 182012
Theater Review: Big Top Rock at Teatro ZinZanni

Big Top Rock at Teatro ZinZanni is back for its third series of performances in the elegant spiegeltent. If you’re not familiar with this fantastic show the ZinZanni Institute for Circus Arts (ZICA) and Seattle’s own Kindiependent music collectivehave brought together the magic of the circus with the excitement of live music. So far this [Read more…]

Jan 042012
Third graders performing Shakespeare

My daughter’s third grade class is performing 12th Night and this has raised a lot of questions in the parent community. Does it make sense to expose eight and nine year olds to Shakespeare? Some adults I know can’t handle it. Heck, I majored in English, studied Shakespeare, and yet it takes my ear 10 [Read more…]