Feb 052016
Warriors - Parent Content Review

Title: Warriors (series) Note: this review was written with the help of my daughter and has the 10-year-old seal of approval. Summary: The Warriors series is about cats living in the forest and fighting to survive. The whole series is broken down into smaller groups of books. The first series is called Warriors, the second [Read more…]

Feb 022016
Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Parent Content Review

Title: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Summary: King Arthur and the knights of the round table seek the Holy Grail. Along the way they encounter a wide variety of medieval and legendary comic situations that unfold in a uniquely Pythonesque way. From an anarcho-syndicalist commune of peasant mud-farming to the knights who say, “Ni!”, [Read more…]

Jan 152015
Five Documentaries To Connect Kids With Nature

This is a companion piece to my recent post Five Outdoor Adventure Movies to Connect Kids With Nature. It’s one thing to show kids movies that demonstrate how fun/challenging/rewarding it can be to get lost in the wilderness but if you’re planning to get stranded in the bush they should know something about the wildlife [Read more…]

Jan 052015
Five Outdoor Adventure Movies To Connect Kids With Nature

Kids need to get outside as much as possible but in the dark winter months it can sometimes be too cold and wet to have much fun. After taking your kids for a tromp through the muddy woods strip off those wet clothes, climb into some pajamas, and prime the pump for more outdoor excitement [Read more…]