Jan 252013
Kidquake by the Not-Its

Piano lessons, soccer games, birthday party for whats-his-name…

Children’s music these days presents an interesting challenge for musicians. How do you bring your musical sensibilities to a form that has typically been drawn with primary colors? When I say primary colors I’m thinking of simple melodies and lyrics that, in a way, talk down to kids. The wheels on the bus do indeed go round and round but today’s sophisticated children demand more from their music!

An interesting case in point is the Not-Its! new album Kidquake! which strikes a balance between their alt-rock roots in bands like Velocity Girl and Harvey Danger and toe-tapping kid power-pop. Listening to Kidquake’s crunchy guitar, hammering rhythm section, and rapid-fire delivery you can hear how the Not-its are dumping out the finger paints and are not afraid to get messy.

That’s not to say that all the songs are just thrashing out the power chords however. My favorite song on the album “Busy” has a bopping horn section, hand claps, and a clean guitar sound that blend smoothly with the driving rhythms. I also love the funny-because-they’re-true lyrics: “We gotta go!/Where are the keys?/We gotta go!/Who’s got to pee?/We gotta go go go go go!”

Other stand-out tracks for our family include the title track “KidQuake!”, the pinball anthem “Full Tilt”, the tribute to classroom pets “Tarantula Funeral” (GenX parents will appreciate the “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” reference that calls to mind the opening of The Big Chill), and my kids’ favorite, the happy celebration of not quite winning, “Participation Trophy”.

The music might be something of an acquired taste for younger listeners since I personally associate the sound with an older crowd but this is not necessarily a bad thing for parents who have to listen to these songs again, and again, and again. Lead singer Sarah Shannon does an excellent job infusing the lyrics with personality and there is a high level of musicianship from this rock-solid band. I understand they put on a fun high-energy show and I look forward to seeing them live some day soon.

KidQuake! CD Release concert at The Vera Project

Saturday, February 9th, 11:00am

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