May 172012
Breastfeeding?! Whatever.

Like so many people this week I did a fairly significant double take when I passed a newsstand with Time magazine’s latest cover. I think we can all agree that Time is using shock value to push sales and will be patting itself on the back for years to come – or until the Internet [Read more…]

Mar 112012

The wife and I try to find routines for our kids to help them organize their lives. We’ve tried checklists with timelines and schedules so they can understand what needs to happen and when. We’ve tried different formats, printed sheets (that they like to fill with doodles), personal whiteboards (that they like to fill with [Read more…]

 Posted by on March 11, 2012
Feb 152012

Our son is entering puberty and starting to show signs of being a teenager. What are we in for? Well, beyond what you might expect from the historic teenage wasteland it looks like SCIENCE is preparing to throw more monkey poo our way. At least, according to this recent article from the Wall Street Journal. [Read more…]

 Posted by on February 15, 2012
Jan 272012

I teach a project management class at the School of Visual Concepts. A key part of the curriculum is an in depth discussion of risk management. Project managers need to worry about a lot of stuff but a big part of the job is managing the stuff you’ll end up worrying about. In this discussion [Read more…]

 Posted by on January 27, 2012
Jan 032012
My Son's Morbid Fish

As I’ve mentioned, thanks to our flawless parenting my son has issues with throwing stuff away. Even the simplest recycling becomes a major emotional issue. Fortunately, he’s a trooper even though dropping every (literal) scrap of paper into the bin is like tearing out a piece of his heart – he will do it…for us. [Read more…]