Jul 052014
How We Found Bone

My kids continue to thwart my efforts to make them like the stuff that I like. Not to say I don’t like the stuff that they’ve come to enjoy, they just refuse to be little clones of me. For example, at their age I completely obsessed over Star Wars, and even though they have friends [Read more…]

Jun 202014
Book Dad on the Classics

As parents we live in an exciting time for the youth book market – especially if you market books for youth. Ever since Harry Potter became, well Harry Potter, and J.K. Rowling got that giant swimming pool of money everyone has been scrambling to find the next big thing. On one level it’s an amusing [Read more…]

Nov 202013
Pride and Prejudice

My wife has been a big fan of 18th century British women novelists since she was knee high to a grasshopper. As I’ve said here before, while I was lounging around my room reading comic books she was reading Jane Eyre by candlelight. Because there was a blackout in the old Dutch farmhouse they were living [Read more…]

Nov 052013
Ender's Game - Parent Content Review

Title: Ender’s Game Author: Orson Scott Card Originally Published: First as a short story in 1977 and then as a novel in 1985. The novel Ender’s Game was actually written after its sequel Speaker For the Dead. Awards: Nebula (1985) and Hugo (1986) Awards Summary: In the future humanity is at war with an alien [Read more…]

Jun 302013
Babette's Feast - Parent Content Review

Title: Babette’s Feast Summary: Babette’s Feast is a Danish film that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1987. It’s about two elderly sisters who, when they were younger, each had the opportunity to leave their tiny fishing village for the wider world. But they both chose to stay and serve their father [Read more…]