Jul 252014
Top 10 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

The editor and writer Ben Bova once defined the difference between fantasy and science fiction this way, “Fantasy has trees, science fiction has rivets.” That’s a broad oversimplification but an essentially workable line in the sand to use as a definition. I point this out because as Merran and I went through NPR’s list she [Read more…]

Jul 052014
How We Found Bone

My kids continue to thwart my efforts to make them like the stuff that I like. Not to say I don’t like the stuff that they’ve come to enjoy, they just refuse to be little clones of me. For example, at their age I completely obsessed over Star Wars, and even though they have friends [Read more…]

Mar 252014
The Hobbit - Parent Content Review

Title: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien Summary: A modest little Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, a creature who enjoys good food and quiet country living, is tricked into joining 13 dwarves and the wizard Gandalf on an adventure to reclaim lost treasure from the dragon, Smaug. Along the way they encounter trolls who want to eat them, [Read more…]

Nov 102013
The Bechdel Test or Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Recently a group of movie theaters in Sweden have started grading films based on the “Bechdel Test.” The test is a set of guidelines popularized by cartoonist Alison Bechdel that is often used to evaluate the representation of women in media. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and pretty much all of the Harry Potter [Read more…]

Dec 202012
Movie Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The first question you’re going to want to know is: “Should I take my kids to see The Hobbit?” The short answer is no. The somewhat longer answer is: if they’re 12 or older or enthusiastic about disgusting and frightening creatures and intense action and battle sequences, then you’re probably OK. The movie has a [Read more…]